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Digital Transformation and Strategic Data Management

Accelerate your transition and optimize your digital environment
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You want to transform to a more digital way of working because paper and manual processes hinder your efficiency as well as your ability to deliver a single, comprehensive, patient record. Digitizing your paper records and moving to the cloud can help you accelerate your transition and simplify the management of your data in today’s increasingly complex digital environment.


Meet your dynamic data and information requirements, while ensuring that data is protected and accessible when you need it. Iron Cloud Backup services provide the best-in-class protection of data while delivering a resilient, secure environment that will keep your business up and running – at a predictable cost. And Iron Mountain Iron Cloud Disaster Recovery solution enables you to quickly and easily recover business critical information in a matter of hours, with guaranteed SLAs, keeping the organization up and running and employees productive.


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95% of the Fortune 1000 choose Iron Mountain for our 60+ years of success in storage, privacy and logistics.


For many organizations, moving to a cloud environment is a key element to modernize their IT infrastructure. However, skyrocketing data volumes makes it difficult to make that first data ingest into the cloud, or in the event of widespread disruption, recovery of a large volume of data. Additionally, transmitting large volumes of data through a limited network can take days if not months to complete. And while an organization can increase the size of their network bandwidth, the cost to do so is prohibitive.


Iron Mountain Iron Cloud Data Migration is an Iron Mountain managed data migration service that enables you to move massive amounts of data, in and out of the cloud without the challenges or expense of limited network bandwidth. Using a specially designed appliance, Iron Mountain leverages our security, logistical expertise and chain-of-custody to provide an offline transportation methodology to move large volumes of data for first time cloud ingest or large scale retrieval.


Digitize clinical and administrative records and accelerate your transition to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Leveraging Iron Mountain’s network of imaging centers, you reduce the limitations of a hybrid environment, making your information available from a centralized, electronic source. This means fast access as well as improved control and visibility.

Select from a variety of service models tailored to meet your specific needs:

Image on Demand service

As your staff requests specific records, the medical documents can be retrieved, scanned, and quickly made available to support your patient care and business needs. By selectively imaging information, you can reduce conversion costs and realize the benefits of your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and other business applications.

Backfile and Day Forward Imaging

For existing paper records that are taking up valuable hospital space, you can utilize backfile-scanning services to enable an efficient process for bulk conversion of the medical records to electronic format. Or, for records that are created on paper, you can utilize day-forward scanning services to convert your records to electronic format for integration into clinical and business applications.


Iron Mountain can help you address the challenges of managing film and digital images in parallel. Through our cost-effective approach to medical imaging management, you can:

  • Improve radiologist productivity
  • Increase accuracy of interpretations and conduct remote diagnosis
  • Streamline workflow
  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid the high cost of equipment purchases, upgrades and maintenance
  • Optimize your film management
  • Free up valuable floor space for expanded revenue-generating opportunities

X-ray on Demand is an ideal service for those providers that either plan to implement or have recently implemented a PACS and for organizations that have recently converted to digital mammography

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