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Compliant Records Management Insurers Can Trust

Safely Manage Your Information with a Solution Insurers Trust

The information explosion is real. Every day more customer data, new claims and detailed financial information enters your business. Not to mention emails, medical reports and transcripts. Managing it all safely and consistently is a never-ending challenge.

Meet your Records and Information Management Compliance Needs

Regulators are a natural part of the insurance business. If you operate in multiple provinces and territories, hardly a day goes by when a regulator doesn't assess your program. Your ability to access your information can be the key to expediting the review. You need a plan before moving any records or transferring data. We have the experience and scale to help you incorporate acquired records and apply best-practices to your existing program.

Thoughtfully Manage Mergers and Acquisition Information

Mergers and acquisitions in the Insurance Industry are on the rise. Acquiring a company or a new business is a major event - and one that can disrupt your information management program. Due diligence will ensure that nothing goes wrong. But when it comes to integrating an acquired company's records program -- both physical and electronic -- the task can be more complex and even more expensive than you'd anticipated.

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