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Grow a Compliant Records Management Program When You Have Control Of Your Data

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What you gain

Iron Mountain Energy Records and Information Management solutions enable you to:

  • Keep Your Records Safe and Accessible — Describe your assets and the content of your records, tag them with metadata and access them via a Web interface when needed. You’ll store your records under conditions that preserve them and receive digital copies for daily use.
  • Unlock the Value of Your Information — You can find and produce documentation needed for an audit, an emergency, litigation or sale or activation of an asset. Monetize the value of your legacy information and assets.
  • Leverage Our Expertise to Fill Gaps — Learn from our industry best practices and expansive network of secure transportation, specialized equipment, trained personnel and storage facilities to safely collect and consolidate assets into a records management program. Enforce compliant, legally credible retention and destruction policies.

Customer Success

A global engineering and construction company supporting the energy and petrochemicals industry acquired another large company to accelerate their growth. They needed to consolidate records from three different locations and integrate those into their own records program. Two locations yielded 42,000 boxes of records. The third location was the basement of a commercial building without lighting or climate control. Records, including large format engineering drawings, surveys and maps, were both boxed and loosely stacked, unprotected, on shelves and the floor. In partnering with Iron Mountain, the acquiring company was able to:

  • Securely transport boxed records from three locations to a secure Iron Mountain records facility.
  • Use onsite Iron Mountain staff, materials and lighting to box and barcode loose records and large format surveys and maps.
  • Review document types in each box by experts, inventory of each file capturing the descriptive data and entering it into a secure Web accessible system for retrieval.
  • Transfer of boxed, indexed inventory into customer’s secure Iron Mountain storage account.
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