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Offload the management of your file rooms by leveraging Iron Mountain’s expertise.
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You need regular access to files and records. But managing an ever growing number of documents in local file rooms consumes valuable storage space, overburdens staff and leaves your organization at risk of information loss and compliance violations.
Iron Mountain’s File Room Solution replicates your onsite file room within a secure, offsite storage environment. Whether you choose to relocate all your documents or just a select few, you can rest assured knowing your active files are stored on specialized racking in our secure and compliant Record Centers. With our solution, active files are managed according to your filing system—with retrievals, refiles, interfiles and dropfiling performed by our expert staff. 

Offsite Doesn’t Mean Offline

Records are tracked and searchable using Iron Mountain Connect our online hub, so you can find records at any time. With just a few clicks, you can search through your offsite inventory, locate what’s required to satisfy an internal or external request and arrange for it to be quickly scanned or delivered by one of our vetted and trained employees.

With our File Room Solution, you’ll free-up valuable real estate and staff—without sacrificing visibility and rapid access to active files.

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File Room Data Sheet

Offload the management of your file rooms by leveraging Iron Mountain's expertise, infrastructure, and experienced staff.



A government entity had an old on-site file room that was both hurting productivity due to the clutter and volume. The file room was also taking up valuable space that could have been used for more productive and strategic activities. A space vacuum had been created, in which a space is unnecessarily occupied by physical items such as files and boxes.


Iron Mountain collaborated closely with this government entity, understanding the classified nature of the files that were to be moved. Moving all the records to an off-site file room allowed the government entity to utilize the space for higher priority activities while maintaining the sensitive records that were previously stored.

Value Prop:
  • Better use of valuable and limited storage space
  • Improved reporting and tracking using Iron Mountain Connect™
  • Centralized and 24 hour accessible records

A global consulting firm needed to enable its employees to thrive as a mobile workforce, reduce real estate costs and find an innovative, but not cost prohibitive way to digitize its records.


Iron Mountain was able to help this firm improve records management program compliance and document integrity to reduce number of misplaced or lost files (inventory inspection, metadata capture, inventory reporting).

Value Prop:
  • Centralize records from over 55+ onsite locations into one secure IM facility location offsite
  • Manage files using customer’s file practices using IM records management professionals
  • Provide 4-hour Image on Demand (IOD) retrieval service, 24-hour original file retrieval service

A large retailer with locations across North America needed to relocate HR records and automate their employee onboarding process to alleviate the risk of lost or misplaced paper records in local stores


Iron Mountain understood that an unorganized and non-automated HR records system was hindering employee ability to focus on the most critical tasks. Iron Mountain helped to digitize and enhance HR end-to-end process using workflow automation and chain of custody best practices, reducing amount of mishandled or lost HR paperwork

Value Prop:
  • Move HR and business records from onsite storage areas per location into one secure IM facility location offsite
  • Manage information using customer’s file practices using IM records management professionals
  • Improve records management program compliance by using RFID tagging and metadata capture for all records

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