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Information Governance Advisory Services

Over 100 information governance experts ready to help you grow your program.
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Iron Mountain® Advisory Services combine cutting-edge industry technologies with deep expertise and broad experience. Advisory Services are provided by a team of Information Governance (IG) professionals who have dedicated themselves to the intricacies of retention, privacy, compliance and risk management.

Advisory Services can work with you to review, improve or accelerate:

  • Retention
  • Privacy
  • Policy and overall IG assessments
  • Policy and program development and enhancement
  • Content classification
  • Metadata application

Advisory Services is one of the industry’s largest IG consultancies with over 20 years of experience providing holistic IG services to evolving enterprise organizations. From lawyers and legal researchers to records managers and library scientists, our IG professionals take the time to understand your specific needs and provide a detailed project plan with a timetable for deliverables.

IG Assessment Service

Establishing a program benchmark is crucial to growing your program and provides the opportunity to display measurable improvements to your stakeholders. Our expert IG consultants will methodically evaluate your program, assessing everything from organizational design and policies to workflow processes and information inventory analysis.

IG Program Development Service

IG program development is the next step in moving your IG program forward. Once you have a solid understanding of the current state of your IG program, our IG experts can help you create and implement a more robust IG vision.

IG experts will work with you to develop the two foundational aspects of your IG program: a cross-functional IG structure, including a steering committee; and enterprise-wide IG policies.

Content Classification Service

Content classification is a vital aspect of managing the information lifecycle. You have to be aware of what information you have stored in what format across your organization to be able to properly and accurately map everything to a retention schedule.

Iron Mountain’s Content Classification service leverages our classification rules database and find your redundant, obsolete or trivial content (ROT) so that it can be destroyed.

Onsite Staffing Service

You can have information governance experts placed in your organization to achieve specific RIM and/or IG goals. Our staffing services can meet the needs of both long-term projects and placement as well as consultative short-term projects.

Projects/staff placement include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate information managers
  • Records managers or analysts
  • File room administrators
  • Database coordinators
  • Imaging support
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The information landscape is rapidly changing, putting new demands on how you manage information across your enterprise. Iron Mountain’s Information Economics Academy is designed to help you stay current and take action.
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