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Enhanced Offsite Protection and Recovery

Iron Cloud Data Replication is a cost effective, fully managed cloud-based data replication target to a secure data center. This solution utilizes secure, high speed and reliable connectivity to replicate data off-site so it is protected, yet available for fast and efficient recovery, while reducing costs associated with legacy backup systems.

Iron Cloud Data Replication fully protects critical data by replicating it off-site to a fully managed, secure data center. The data is available for fast, efficient recovery when you need it. Utilize data tiering to tape at Iron Mountain for archive and extended retention needs.

Reduce time to recover
Iron Cloud Data Replication disk-based backup enables faster recovery, where you start your process at a recovery point that is near real-time – helping to meet tighter RPO and RTO requirements for critical business applications and data.

Reduce cost and burden associated with backup and recovery
Backing up to the cloud provides a pricing structure tied to the data volume being protected, so you get a predictable operating expense subscription, and it’s scalable allowing you to expand without incurring the capital expense to do so. Also, you’ll be able to eliminate your on-site tape infrastructure yet still take advantage of the cost savings attributed to tape for archiving purposes.

Minimize security risk
With Iron Mountain’s managed tape out service, you get a Gold copy of your data that is securely stored offline and off-site, insulating it from cyber-threats and inadvertent corruption.
Iron Mountain Iron Cloud

Data is fully protected by replicating it off-site to a fully managed, secure data center

Reduce cost associated with backup and recovery with predictable OPEX model

Reduce time to recover by starting your process at a recovery point that is near real-time
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Simplify your backup management and archive processes

Iron Cloud data replication options

Secure Replication
for Disk-to-Disk
Off-Site copy
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Unique Solution to
eliminate On-Premise
Tape Management
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Data Restoration for Legacy Tape
Disk-to-Disk Replication
Options for extended retention
(tape out, cloud archive)
secure colocation
option for recovery
and standby
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