Release of Information for Healthcare


Release of Information for Healthcare

Make your Release of Information process seamless, scalable and secure

Release of information (ROI) is a function that virtually all healthcare providers must perform. Unfortunately, this process is resource intense, complex and riddled with risk.

If you are like many healthcare providers, you face at least one, if not multiple, of the ROI-related challenges below:

  • difficulty keeping up with the increasing frequency of audits and shortened windows for response often resulting in a large backlog of requests
  • the amount time and risk associated with pulling information from multiple EMR systems or physically transferring records from another facility to fulfill requests
  • limited staff that must extend bandwidth across multiple strategic goals, making it difficult to ensure your ROI program has the dedicated support it needs
  • keeping your staff on top of the routine and comprehensive HIPAA and ROI training required to maintain compliance

While these challenges are daunting, providing compliant Release of Information doesn’t have to be.

Iron Mountain Release of Information solution offers a comprehensive suite of Release of Information solutions. From fully outsourced programs to supplemental ROI services that help you simplify and contain costs of your in-house program, Iron Mountain has a solution for every challenge.


Iron Mountain® Secure Offsite Tape Vaulting service stores your clinical and business backup data, protects it under optimal environmental conditions, and enables you to retrieve it when necessary. The results: you can reduce downtime and get back up and running... because your health system depends on it.

With Iron Mountain you can:
  • Store your tapes in highly protected facilities that offer increased protection from high flood, earthquake, or disaster risk.
  • Leverage our web-based inventory management tool, SecureSync®, to manage your data online and quickly locate a specific tape when needed.
  • Maintain an auditable chain-of-custody and full transparency into where your data is at, whether in transit or in the vault.


Healthcare providers often struggle to manage the complexity of the Release of Information process. Resources are fixed but request volumes fluctuate frequently. ROI management software can help streamline this process but it is expensive, forcing many providers to continue to manage and track the ROI process manually. This makes it extremely difficult to ensure all requests are processed in a consistent manner that ensure compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements.

The Iron Mountain Remote ROI Support Program enables you to keep Release of Information in-house while securing the expert oversight, workflow management technology and compliance verification support required to simplify the process and ensure requests are valid and properly fulfilled. With this program, you’ll gain access to:
  • expert program oversight
  • ROI technology platform
  • billable request review and fulfillment support


The Iron Mountain Release of Information Solution offers healthcare providers a scalable and secure approach to managing the ROI process. Uniquely tailored to enable you to confidently outsource a subset of request types, certain functions or your entire ROI program. Our ROI solutions are built on:

Centralized ROI processing that:

Dedicated ROI support to:

Quality assurance processes built to:

Web-based management tools that:

  • eliminates unnecessary transportation costs
  • improves chain of custody
  • alleviates your current staffing and training issues
  • elevate program responsiveness
  • enable seamless integration with your existing workflows
  • ensure expertise on industry regulations and ROI requirements
  • standardize processes across multiple facility sitess
  • consistently meet mandated turnaround times
  • minimize risk of inadvertent disclosures
  • enable the logging, tracking and invoicing of ROI requests through a single system
  • use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) verification technology to ensure the right records are being released to right requester
  • maintain the necessary documentation for compliance


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